Featuring USB Flash Drive and Improved Accuracy!
Your Personal 10-channel Logger
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Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple chanels of voltage, temperature, pulse or rotation signals, providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance . The LR8431 logs data at 10ms speeds across 10 channels simultaneously, and features a bright color LCD for crystal clear waveform displays.

Key Features
• Record measurement data on a USB flash drive for easy transfer to a computer
• Record to reliable Compact Flash cards during long-term measurement applications for increased peace of mind
Replace storage media during real-time recording
• Improved thermocouple measurement accuracy and reference junction compensation accuracy
• Ten isolated analog input channels
• 10 ms sampling and recording across all channels
• Noise-resistant measurement circuitry for improved readings
• Ultra-compact for convenient portability
• Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability

Model No. (Order Code)

LR8431-20 10 ch, English model


Note: The LR8431 is not bundled with the Battery Pack 9780. Thermocouples are not provided by HIOKI, and must be purchased from a separate vendor.
Note: Use only HIOKI CF cards, which are manufactured to strict industrial standards, for long-term storage of important data. Correct operation of non-HIOKI CF cards or USB memory sticks is not guaranteed


This compact logger excels in a broad range of settings, from production lines to research and development

For applications such as
● Evaluating motors and inverters used in electric and hybrid vehicles
The LR8431-20 enables stable, low-noise measurement of high-speed, high-resistance targets.

● Efficiency measurement and performance evaluation of air conditioning equipment
The LR8431-20 supports simultaneous, multi-point measurement, for example of input and output at multiple air conditioning registers or the temperature of internal components.

● Temperature measurement and performance evaluation of internal components in electronic equipment
Used with a wind velocity converter, the LR8431-20 can measure cooling efficiency inside equipment enclosures.

10-channel logger still fits in the palm of your hand

Ultra-compact for convenient portability.

There’s no need to worry about differing potentials of measurement objects when measuring temperature and voltage.
All ten analog channels are isolated.
Even when measuring temperature and voltage at the same time, interchannel interference and electric shock hazards are eliminated.
The four pulse channels are ideal for counting revolution pulses to measure rotation speed. (Pulse inputs share common ground.)

*Isolation between channels is possible through the use of semi-conductor relays.
Voltage exceeding the product specifications, such as that originating from lightning surges or other sources, should never be applied between each channel; otherwise the relays will short and the recorder will be damaged.

A data logger with a 10 ms sampling and recording across all channels

Abrupt changes in load need to be measured during development of EV • HV • PHV, for which multi-channel, 10 ms sampling is essential.
This HiLOGGER can track waveforms that could not be followed with the 100 ms sampling interval previously available.

Featuring USB flash drive and CF card support

The LR8431-20 can record measurement data on a USB flash drive for easy transfer to a computer.
In long-term measurement applications, it can also record to reliable Compact Flash cards for increased peace of mind.

Replace storage media during real-time recording.
Switch out fully loaded storage media with new ones while recording without stopping the measurement so that you can analyze any data recorded so far.

* During high-speed recording, be sure to insert the new storage media within 2 minutes of removing the former.
*Use only HIOKI CF cards, which are manufactured to strict industrial standards, for long-term storage of important data. Operation of non-HIOKI CF cards is not guaranteed.

Included PC application with measurement and analysis functionality

The supplied Logger Utility software enables processing of measurement data on a PC.

Use the supplied Logger Utility software to record data on a PC in real-time.
View past data during recording.

Connect the PC to the HiLOGGER using USB.

*USB connection photographs depict the LR8400.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Number of channels Analog: 10 isolated channels using scanning input method (M3 mm dia. screw terminal block)
Pulse: 4 channels (All pulse inputs share common ground with the main unit)
Measurement parameters Voltage : ±100 mV to ±60 V, 1-5V f.s. 6 ranges, Max. resolution 5µV
Temperature (thermocouples) : -200 ˚C to 1800 ˚C (depend on the sensor), 1 range (K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B), Max. resolution 0.1 ˚C
Temperature (Pt 100 sensor) : not available
Humidity : not available
Totalized pulses : 0 to 1000M pulse, 1 range (No-voltage ‘a’ contact, open collector or voltage input), Max. resolution 1 pulse
Rotation count : 0 to 5000/n (r/s) f.s. 1 range (No-voltage ‘a’ contact, open collector or voltage input), Resolution 1/n (r/s) Note: n = pulses per rotation (1 to 1,000)
Max. allowable input DC 60 V (Analog input), DC -5 V to 10 V (Pulse input)
Max. rated voltage to earth AC 30 Vrms, DC 60 V (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
Recording intervals 10 ms to 1 hour, 19 selections (All input channels are scanned within each recording interval.)
Selectable filters 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or OFF (digital filtering of high frequencies on analog channels)
Memory capacity Internal storage: 3.5 M-words, External storage: CF card or USB memory stick (only the HIOKI CF card is guaranteed for correct operation)
External interface USB 2.0 mini-B receptacle ×1;
Functions: Control from a PC, Transfers files from the installed CF card to a PC (cannot transfer files from the connected USB memory stick to a PC via USB communication), Data copy between CF card and USB memory stick
Display 4.3-inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)
Functions Save data to the CF card or USB memory stick in real time, Numerical Calculations, etc.
Power supply AC adapter Z1005: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Battery pack 9780: Continuous use 2.5 hours
12 V DC supply: 10 to 16 V (please contact HIOKI distributor for cable; less than 3 m/9.84 ft cable length)
Dimensions and mass 176 mm (6.93 in) W × 101 mm (3.98 in) H × 41 mm (1.61 in) D, 550 g (19.4 oz) (Battery pack 9780 not installed)
Accessories Measurement Guide ×1, CD-R (Instruction manual PDF, Logger Utility Instruction Manual PDF, Data acquisition application program Logger Utility) ×1, USB cable ×1, AC adapter Z1005 ×1

Combination status with LabVIEW or MATLAB script

Compatible models LabVIEW MATLAB script
LR8431-20 N/A N/A


Catalog: MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8431 Download PDF  [4MB] English
Catalog: DATA LOGGER Selection Guide LR8431, LR8400 series, 8423, LR5000 series Download PDF  [5MB] English

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