Batch Testing System for Improved Populated
Circuit Board Productivity

Hioki testing systems continue to evolve so that the people who use them can shine. Reflecting its commitment to bring speed and comfort to the production floor by streamlining testing, Hioki’s proud to introduce a populated board tester designed with people in mind.

Key Features
• Slide-in mechanism simplifies installation and removal of test fixtures, reducing man-hours and workload.
• Extension range of options that reduces setup man-hours and boosts productivity.
• Numerous measurement parameters and detecting defects for a wide variety of inspections.
• Productivity, quality, and safety.
• Data creation support functionality: ATG function.

Model No. (Order Code)

FA1220-02 The FA1220-02 does not have a CD or DVD drive. You will need to provide an external CD or DVD drive in order to use the included application disc.

FA1220-02 Specifications Overview

Number of test points Standard: 0 pins (scanner boards optional)
Max. 2048 pins (expandable in blocks of 128 pins)*
* The maximum number of active pins for each test type depends on the total number of scanner board pins installed in the product.
Number of test steps Group data: 256 groups
Round-robin short/open data: 2048 pins*
Macro data: 2048 pins*/2048 steps (regardless of pin count)
Component data: 10000 steps
Charge data: 40 groups
Pin contact data: 2048 pins*
IC data: 500 steps (max. 2048 pins/step)** The maximum number of active pins for each test type depends on the total number of scanner board pins installed in the product.
Measurement unit DC voltmeter: 800 μV f.s. to 25 V f.s., 8 ranges
DC ammeter: 100 nA f.s. to 250 mA f.s., 9 ranges
AC ammeter: 10 μA rms to 10 mA rms, 4 ranges
HV voltmeter: 25 mV f.s. to 250 V f.s. (Requires E4210 and E4203)
HV ammeter: 1.2 μA f.s. to 120 mA f.s. (Requires E4210 and E4203)
Scanner unit Switch type: analog (Scanner Board E4201 and E4202), read relay (Scanner Board E4203)
Number of channels: 128 per board
Input protection: ±15 V (Scanner Board E4201 and E4202), none (Scanner Board E4203)
External I/O Ethernet (LAN) 100Base-TX ×1 (please contact Hioki for communication with external devices.)
Control unit – Measurement control
Operating system: Real-time operating system
Storage device: SD card (for booting system)- Main unit control
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
Storage device: 64 GB SSD
Operation: keyboard and mouse
Display: 15-inch display
Printer: E4243 (option)
Power supply Rated supply voltage: 100 to 240 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 1 kVA
Dimensions and mass 655 mm (25.79 in.) W × 1830 mm (72.05 in.) H × 705 mm (27.76 in.) D, 310 kg (10934.7 oz.)
Accessories Instruction Manual ×1, Test lead ×1, Application disc ×1, Positioning screws ×4, Maintenance key (for opening and closing the maintenance door) ×1


Catalog: IN-CIRCUIT TESTER FA1220-02 Please email for the catalog English

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