Robust Support for Repair Work Using Simple
Operations and Assistive Functionality

The Fail Visualizer UA1782 Series is a dedicated visualization software for Hioki electrical testing equipment and data creation systems.

Key Features
• Visualize test results from flying-probe testers
• Pinpoint components and patterns from test result files
• Display the probing positions of test fixtures or test heads for both ICT and bare board testers
• Search for components and nets on device embedded substrates

Model No. (Order Code)

UA1782 Supports UA1780 database input
UA1782-01 Supports IPC-D-356 format input
UA1782-02 Supports CAN & ADR formats input

Specifications Overview

Included Install CD, license key (USB), instruction manual *Note: User is responsible for providing a computer, monitor, and other hardware.
Database import Load UA1780 and U-ART databases
Supported OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Net highlighting Display user-specified nets with color highlighting. The user can select whether to display all layers or only top and bottom layers.
Fail list loading with real-time monitoring Monitor a test result output folder for a testing system at a specified interval and automatically load new test data as it becomes available.
Catalog: FAIL VISUALIZER UA1782 Download PDF  [1MB] English
Catalog: Populated Board Electrical Testing System Download PDF  [2MB] English
Catalog: FLYING PROBE TESTER FA1240 Download PDF  [3MB] English

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