All-In-One Solution for Testing the Reliability of
Connections on Printed Circuit Boards

The 1230 is a bare board tester with the testing capabilities of an in-circuit tester, delivering highly consistent low-resistance measurements with high speed high precision.

Key Features
• Test boards with embedded passive and active devices (crystallizing Hioki’s expertise in populated board testers)
• Guarding measurement
• Phase division (optional AC measurement feature)
• Test built-in LSIs (connection reliability testing, pin-to-pin open/short testing, current consumption [standby current] testing)
• Graphical icons on user interface aid in intuitive operation

Model No. (Order Code)


Specifications Overview

Number of measurement channels Max. 8,192 (max. 4,096 steps on top and max. 4,096 steps on bottom)
*Using scanner box
Number of test steps Max. 10,000 steps
Measurement times Continuity testing: 350 μs
Isolation measurement: From 5 ms
Capacitance and inductance measurement: From 4 ms
Resistance measurement: From 1.8 ms
General specifications Computer (Windows XP), 17” LCD monitor (standard accessories)
High-speed advanced isolation and continuity testing
4-terminal measurement support (including mixed 2-terminal/4-terminal measurement)
Power supply 200 V AC ±10% (single-phase), 50/60 Hz, 1 VA
Dimensions HiTESTER: 324 mm (12.76 in) W × 207 mm (8.15 in) H × 285 mm (11.22 in) D
Scanner box: 247 mm (9.72 in) W × 253 mm (9.96 in) H × 269 mm (10.59 in) D
Mass HiTester: 8.62 kg (304.1 oz) with all options installed
(*CPU board, A/D board, I/O board, HV board, DC board, AC board, scanner interface board × 2, I/O 24 V power supply)
Scanner box: 21.05 kg (742.5 oz) with HIGH-PRECISION SCANNER BOARD 1138-32 × 16
BARE BOARD HiTESTER 1230 Download PDF  [1006KB] English

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