Maintenance Solutions For Data Centers

Prevent Chances of Downtimes To Increase
Productivity and Profitability.

According to a research in 2011, every minute downtime in a data center will result in a loss of approximate $5,600 USD. The research also highlighted that more than 39 percent of the downtime was due to data center’s power, which consists of UPS system failure (including batteries) and generator failure.

Therefore, regular predictive and preventive maintenance of data centers is crucial, so as to maximise the performance and reliability of mission-critical equipment, which can prevent chances of downtimes, and thus increase productivity and profitability. Hioki provides measurement solutions for the maintenance of Data Centers highly sensitive equipments. Here, we will introduce measuring instruments for each section:

  1. Substations
  2. Power Control Boards
  3. Switchboards
  4. UPS
  5. In-house Generators
  6. PV Systems
  7. Grounding Rods
  8. Air-conditioning
  9. 5G Antennas
  10. Data Servers

1. Power Receiving and Transforming Equipment
2. Power Control Boards
3. Switchboards

Equipment Damage and Malfunction Due To Power Quality

Record Sudden Problems
Missed By The SNMP*

Clarify Trouble Spots via
Simultaneous Recording of 3 Systems

*SNMP : Simple Network Management Protocol – A protocol use to monitor the live and operational status of IP devices, widely use for measuring rack temperature and current.

Implement Reliable Maintenance Programs With
Efficient Measurement Data Management

For more information, please click here:
GENNECT Cross SF4071, SF4072

For more information, please click here:

4. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Reliable Preventive Maintenance of UPS

Diagnose Deterioration Of Lead-Acid Batteries
(also measure lithium-ion batteries)

Measure Mixed AC and DC signals

Measure correctly even in noisy environments.
Address inverter noise emitting from UPS

Reach deep with battery racks.
L2020 test lead with L-shaped tip

Thin jaw tackles complicated wire with ease. 
AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4376

5. Power Generators

6. PV Systems

7. Grounding Rods

8. Air Conditioning
9. 5G Antennas

10. Servers

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